Completed Projects

On this page you can see some projects I've completed. There aren't many here, but hopefully that will change soon! :) Also, I have given away a few things. My stitching really slowed down when I entered college, but it has picked up considerably since then. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), I like to stitch rather large designs. Just take a look at my rotation. Enough excuses! :) Click on the thumbnails to see a larger scan of the piece and details about it.

See some ornaments I've completed
See some Temari I've worked
See some beadwork I've done

Rosy Bouquet "Mother" Teacup First Nativity Stocking Garden Fob
Donna Vermillion Giampa Sandy Lynam Clough
(Dimensions Gold kit)
Cross My Heart Sue Stokes
Started 1993? Started March, 1998 Started 1989 Started October, 2000
Completed 1995 Completed August, 1999 Completed February, 2001 Completed July, 2001

Edelweiss Doily Millennium Garden Gate Mouse Quilt Square Drawn Thread Sewing Pocket
Meg Thompson Shinall Rae Iverson (Moss Creek) ??? ???
Started July, 2001 Started June, 2001 Started April, 2002 Started March, 2003
Completed September, 2001 Completed October, 2001 Completed November, 2002 Completed May, 2003

Valentine Heart Bookmark for DH Butterfly Basket Teresa Wentzler Round Robin Moss Creek Round Robin
Sekas Lorri Birmingham Teresa Wentzler; RR participants Rae Iverson; RR participants
Started/Completed February, 2003 Started/Completed July, 2003 Started August, 2002 Started October, 2002
Stitched in Victoria Clayton silk perle This was a gift for my friend, Jill. Completed July, 2003 Completed August, 2003

Anniversary Sampler (Heirloom Wedding Sampler) Merry Yule
(Finished as a Cube-It)
Snowflake Fob Three Penny Fob
The Victoria Sampler Glory Bee Tomorrow's Antiques Indigo Rose, with major embellishments by me :)
Started August, 2002 Started ?? Started January, 2004 Started/Completed March, 2004
Completed December, 2003 Completed October, 2003
Finished January, 2004
Completed February, 2004 I added a tassel and a beaded bead to a basic pattern.

Heirloom Sampler in a Year 2000 "Bug Box"
(Things That Go Bump in the Night)
Stumpwork Butterfly Lace Squares
Linda Driskell Moss Creek Designs
(Rae Iverson)
Liz Turner Diehl Eileen Bennett for Stoney Creek
Started June, 2000 Started October, 2003 Started 2000 Started June, 1999
Completed April, 2004 Completed October, 2004 Completed October, 2004 Completed February, 2005

Frosty Mittens Paisley Medallion Heart Tin Stella Doodles
Linda Stolz (for The Silver Needle) Teresa Wentzler The Victoria Sampler (Thea Dueck) Indigo Rose (Catherine Strickler)
Started January, 2005 Started February, 2002 Started ?? Started October, 2003
Completed March, 2005 Completed August, 2005 Completed August, 2005 Completed November, 2005

Winter Garden Gate      
Moss Creek Designs (Rae Iverson)      
Started July, 2005      
Completed December, 2005