Beads, Beads, Beads!

Here are some jewelry pieces I have created with beads. Not much here yet, but no worries...the stash is growing daily. :) You can click on the pictures for a bigger view.

Right-angle weave crystal "tennis" bracelets Black Fire Necklace/Earrings Ndebele Flowers Bracelet Cane Glass Bracelets
These beauties only take a few hours to make! Designed by Dawn Dalto, this necklace really sparkles. I took this as a class at CATS in 2002. I made up the earrings based on the necklace pattern. I still have to attach earring findings. I took this bracelet as a class at CATS in 2003 with June Huber. She's a great teacher with beautiful designs! Simple bracelets, strung with magnetic clasps. Click the picture to see the other one.

Eastern Star Ornament Helen's Flowers Out of Africa Diana
This is from a Herschnerr's kit and is made by pinning beads to a styrofoam, satin-wrapped base. This pattern is from a Japanese beading book. I completely changed the colors for a gift for a friend. A kit from The Cracker Box...took forever, but it's worth it, and it is soooo sparkly. The picture doesn't do it justice (do they ever??) A kit from Herschnerr's. I will never do another kit from them...this was a major pain in the neck, and the quality of materials in the Cracker Box kits are FAR superior.

Memory Wire Necklaces and Earrings Celtic Amethyst Bracelet Black and White Bracelet Crystal Bracelet
I liked this so much, I made two! After wearing one, I decided I *hated* the way the memory wire felt, so I restrung them on beading wire. Much more comfy. :) The necklace pattern was from an issue of Bead & Button magazine, and the earring pattern was from a book I got in Japan. It is written entirely in Japanese, but it has great diagrams! This design is loosely based on a design in Bead & Button magazine that was supposedly an "Atlantis" style bracelet. But the design required twice as many bead caps, and they were expensive! Plus I found this clasp I liked, and the Celtic beads...anyway, this is the result. This is my design, composed by "collecting" balck and white beads after I bought the center heart bead. It's very cool; the swirlies on the sides spell out "LOVE". This is a design interpreted from very poor directions by a friend of mine. Those "flowers" in the middle of the left bracelet are really ruby Swarovski crystals, although they look black in the scan. The bracelet on the right was a gift for my sister.

Ndebele Necklace      
I made this to go with the Ndebele Flowers Bracelet.