Merry Yule

Author: Glory Bee; adaptations by Lois Mouriski
Copyright, Nancy Boyarski

Started: ???
Completed: October, 2003
Hours: ?? (this was my take-along project); finishing took 1.5 hrs.
Materials: Weeks Dye Works floss on linen

This was a class taught by Lois of Elegant Stitch...but I actually bought the kit from someone who didn't end up participating in the class. Thus, I had to assemble this without pictures of any kind to guide me! However, Lois's instructions were fantastic, and I had no trouble at all. Oh, I did swap the yellow and red in the design. I think my first Cube-It turned out really well! I also think my bow on top is a little "wonky", but when I was carrying it over for DH to look at, he said, "Wow, that top looks really great!" So I guess I'll let it alone. :)