First Christmas Stocking

Author: Cross My Heart
Copyright, Cross My Heart, Inc.

Started: 1989
Completed: February, 2001
Hours: ??
Materials: DMC floss on 28-ct. evenweave
Stitches: cross stitch, small diamond Rhodes (jewels on box and two stars)

I started this stocking during my first Christmas break from college. That's the only time I worked on it for six years--Christmas break. Finally, I started trying to finish it. The most painful thing about stitching it was that "someone" started me stitching with *three* strands of floss. Ugh! It's not my best stitching, but it's finally done, done, done!!!

I'll post another picture when it's actually "finished" into a stocking. Update: It is finished, but I did not get a scan before we packed everything away. My wonderful oldest sister added a beautiful fur cuff and cording around the edge, and backed it with dark blue stretch panne' velvet (so I can really "stuff" it!)