Stumpwork Butterfly

Designer: Liz Turner Diehl
Copyright, Liz Turner Diehl

Started: 2000
Completed: October, 2004
Hours: ?? (this was a class project with pre-stitching); finishing took about 5 hrs.
Stitches: cross stitch, buttonhole stitch, turkey work
Materials: Madeira floss and Rainbow blending filament on polysil gauze, with stumpwork wire

This was a class taught at CATS, where you prestitched the four parts of the butterfly over two on 40-count silk gauze, then cut them out and stitched them together, with a wire form, using buttonhole stitch. The butterfly's body is then enhanced with turkey work, so you end up with a nice, fuzzy butterfly body. These two pictures show the butterfly from the top and from the side, so you can see the different colors on the underside of the wings...just like a "real" Monarch butterfly.