Edelweiss Doily

Author: Meg Thompson Shinall
Copyright 1999, Meg Thompson Shinall

Started: July, 2001
Completed: September, 2001
Hours: 23
Materials: Ginnie Thompson flower thread on 20 ct. cream Charles Craft linen (aka "burlap," LOL!)
Stitches: cross stitch, satin stitch, blanket stitch, Edelweiss filling stitch

This is certainly the fastest I have ever finished something! :) Although not if you count me "starting" when I took the class at Heart of Cross Stitch in 1999! But I took a class from Meg again in June, and was reminded that she gives prizes to people who have completed class projects. And I have another class with her in October. :) So I decided to try and finish this. I really didn't like doing the buttonhole with two strands of thread! This is, perhaps, not my neatest work. :) And I do like the smaller count linens. But I think this turned out pretty well! I changed most of the colors from the original so it would go with my dishes better, but the yellow, purple and pink are original. This scan is half-size.