Heart Tin

Author: Thea Dueck (The Victoria Sampler)
Copyright, Thea Dueck

the Heirloom Memories Ornament freebie on The Victoria Sampler's website (registration required)

Started: ??
Completed: August, 2005
Hours: no idea; less than 10
Materials: Victoria Clayton hand-dyed silk floss and perle, Kreinik cord, Delicas, perle cotton
Stitches: Kloster blocks, needleweaving, square filets, cross stitch, backstitch, lazy daisies

My wonderful friend Teresa did all the cross stitching, backstitching and beading on this piece. I did the hardanger. In exchange, I did the hardanger on Teresa's heart. I totally changed the colors, and we substituted cross stitches for the French knots in the design. I did the square filets in the center rather than the dove's eyes in the spaces I left empty. I'm going to finish it to go on the top of a heart-shaped tin.