WIPs (Works in Progress)

I used to have a rotation system to move through stitching my current WIPs. What's a rotation system, you ask? It's a system that allows you to work on many projects at a time without neglecting any or getting bored with any (hopefully!)...allowing you to avoid the dreaded UFOs (UnFinished Objects!) Here's a link to a suggested rotation system, although it's not the one I use:

Erin's Rotation Page

The system I used to use is called "Goal-Oriented Rotation"...basically, you set a goal you want to meet for each piece before you move to the next piece. My actual rotation included a slot where I worked on projects that are less than 10 hours from being completed, so I got a completed project every full rotation. In addition, I alternated between working on a "focus" project and an ornament between each of the other slots. It worked something like this:

  1. Plain XS slot 1
  2. Focus
  3. Band Sampler slot 1
  4. Ornament
  5. Non-XS slot (hardanger, stumpwork, pulled thread, etc.)
  6. Focus
  7. Less than 10 hours to completion project
  8. Ornament
  9. Plain XS slot 2
  10. Focus
  11. Beading slot
  12. Ornament

One more wrinkle: If I'm doing a stitch-along (SAL) with some friends, at the beginning of the month, I stitch on that until I complete my goal, then I return to my "regularly-scheduled" rotation slot (the one after wherever I stopped).

However, for 2006 I think I'm going to have a "screaming" rotation...which means that whichever piece yells the loudest, gets worked on. :) So here are some of my WIPs...click on the thumbnails to see a full-size scan of the piece and details about it.

The whole list of WIPs (very scary!)

She Maketh Fine Linen
(a series of smalls)
Sapphire (mini-mystery g) Heirloom Christmas Sampler Castles by the Sea
Moss Creek Designs Chatelaine Victoria Sampler Teresa Wentzler
Started October, 2004 Started October, 2004 Started February, 2000 Started February, 2004
Updated August 22, 2005 Progress May 8, 2005 Updated June 29, 2005 Updated March, 2005
Completed: basket band, scissors sheath Next goal: finish part 3 Next goal: Bands 3 and 4 Next goal: 5 hours of sea dragon

Sanctuary Mystery II Hearts & Flowers Ornament Christmas Mystery I
The Drawn Thread (Cynthia Zittel) Chatelaine Dawn Dalto Chatelaine
Started June, 2001 Started January, 2002 Started May, 2001 Started January, 2004
Updated July, 2006 Updated March, 2004 Updated June, 2001 Updated August, 2004

Autumn Queen Magical Night All Year Square Peacock Cypher
Mirabilia Teresa Wentzler Betsy Morgan Just Nan
Started February, 2000 Started August, 1998 Started January, 2006 Started February, 2006
Updated July, 2006 Updated August, 2001 Updated June, 2006 Updated May, 2006