Mystery II (now Convents Herbal Garden)

Author: Martina Weber (Châtelaine Designs) 
©Martina Weber, 2002. All rights reserved.

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What is a "Mystery" project, you may ask? Well, it is a project stitched one piece at a time, with no knowledge of what the entire design will look like! This group is composed of almost a hundred stitchers that receive one piece of the chart each month by download of an Adobe Acrobat file. The file contains color and black-and-white charts, specialty stitch diagrams, and instructions. You can resize the charts to your heart's content!!! I participated in Martina's first Mystery project (though I'm not even close to finished!!!) and so I couldn't help signing up for the second after seeing how beautiful the first turned out! This one is different; the first was over six months and was a bellpull. This one is over twelve months and will be a square design. So far (part 1) the design is symmetrical, but Martina does not promise it will remain that way! :) This lovely piece is stitched all in Waterlilies and Silk 'n' Colors. Yum!

Updated 3-23-04
63 hours (Part 2 and a start on Part 3)
I did my Pansy Rhodes stitches with two strands instead of the one called for because I liked the look better. And I did not pull my four-sided stitches much at all (normally I pull REALLY hard), because Part 3 has some stitching right beside them, and they were distorting the existing "gate" cross stitches.