Mini-Mystery G (Sapphire)

Author: Martina Weber (Châtelaine Designs) 
©Martina Weber, 2004. All rights reserved.

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What is a "Mystery" project, you may ask? Well, it is a project stitched one piece at a time, with no knowledge of what the entire design will look like! The group receives one piece of the chart each month by download of an Adobe Acrobat file. The file contains color and black-and-white charts, specialty stitch diagrams, and instructions. You can resize the charts to your heart's content!!! I participated in Martina's first and second Mystery projects (though I'm not even close to finished!!!). This one is a "mini" in that it is only three months long. So far the only change I've made is to add a few more beads here and there. :)

Updated 5-8-04
about 19 hours (Parts 1-2)