StRIP List

StRIP stands for "Stash Reduction Implementation Program"! It's a term that originated at the Rotation Stitchers Bulletin Board. After the great eZBoard crash of 2005, I thought I'd better replicate the list here, since I lost it last time.

Clearly, I have too many WIPs (works in progress)! My goal for the end of the year is to get down to 60 projects or less.

Current rotation pieces are indicated with a needle. A "C" next to the piece means it is a "class" piece. In parentheses beside each piece is my estimated percent complete.

Rotation Slot Replacement Rules: Class piece gets replaced w/non-class and vice-versa...try for similar size. If no piece exists to fill the new slot, take from Kits. For 3 Class finishes, a totally new start (non-kit) is allowed.

Plain Cross Stitch (1 class finish)
Paisley Corner - finished 8/2
Summer Carousel Horse (10%)
TW Wedding Sampler (30%)
Magical Night (30%)
Dragons by the Sea (30%) C
Mystery I (20%)
Mystery II (15%)
Christmas Mystery (75%)
Sapphire (85%)
Snow Catchers (started)
Commemorative Scissors Fob (started) C
Wild Wood Violets (started) - adopted 8/25
English Silk Carpet Sampler (started) C
Silk on Silk Brooch (started) C
For Amelia (started) C
Cottage Garden Fairy (15%)
Autumn Queen (20%)
Stash Bag Tag (60%) (travel project)
Peacock Tapestry (started)
Partridge in a Pear Tree (10%)
On deck slot 1: Peacock Tapestry
On deck slot 2: For Amelia

Starting Total: 20
Current Total: 19

Non-XS (1 class finish)
Mistletoe Stumpwork (20%) C
(small) Christmas Towel (20%) C
Memory Catcher (started) C
Greek Cross Needlebook (started) C
Teneriffe Lace Wheel (15%) C
(small) Sampler Pouch (20%) C
Celtic Labyrinth (started) C
Old Hedebo Heart Sampler (20%) C
Advanced Hardanger Sampler (15%) C
Hardanger Needleroll (started) C
Victorian Lace Pin Keep (started) C
Hilton Head Sampler (started) C
Bumblebee Stumpwork (50%) C
Stumpwork Sewing Bird (started) C
Antique Button Sampler (15%) C
Hardanger from the Heart (started) C
Casalguidi Needleroll (started) C
Indigo Rose pincushion (90%) C
On deck: (small) Sampler Pouch
Starting Total: 17
Current Total: 18

Loopy bracelet - retired 8/10
Ndebele necklace - finished 2/24
Russian Heart necklace (started) C
Hearts and Flowers Ornament (10%)
On deck: Russian Heart necklace
Starting Total: 4
Current Total: 2

Band Samplers (1 class finish)
Autumn Jewels (started) C
Dogwood Stitchery (started) C
Blackwork Band Sampler (started) C
Autumn Harvest (started) C
Bumble the Bee Waxer (started) C
Miss Alexandra's Stitching Ensemble (started)
Heirloom Christmas Sampler (9%)
Focus:She Maketh Fine Linen (scissors fob: started) C
Spring Serenity (10%) C
Seeds of Love (started) C
Seeds of Friendship (started) C
Love Sampler (65%) C
Butterflies, Blossoms & Bees (20%) C
Star of Wonder (started) C
Lady Scarlett's Journey (30%)
Sanctuary (15%)
16th Century English Family Garden (started) C
Peacock Cypher (5%)
Winter Garden Gate - finished 12/17
On deck: Spring Serenity
Starting Total: 18
Current Total: 18

Less Than 10 Hours to Finish (3 class finishes)
Celtic Cross Ornament - finished 1/1
Stella Ornament - finished 11/25
ASG 2000 Ornament - finished ??
Holiday Splendor Ornament - finished 10/7
Silk on Silk Mini-pin (15%) C
Tranquility Canvaswork (20%)
White as Snow Pulled Thread Needlework Accessories (25%) C
Heart tin - finished 8/18
Call of the Sea Tryout/Sewing pocket (25%) C
On deck: Holiday Splendor Ornament
Starting Total: 9
Current Total: 4

Starting Total on July 1, 2005: 68
Finished: 8
Retired: 2
Started: 3
Current Total: 61