She Maketh Fine Linen

Author: Rae Iverson
Copyright, Moss Creek Designs
Started: October, 2004

This piece is actually a series of smalls. There is a basket band, needle pack holder, emery, double-sided pincushion, ruler, thimble keep, scissors keep, needle book and tape measure holder. The basket band features a verse taken from Proverbs 31: 24 and 31. I've already decided that I won't complete the emery and ruler. I am trying to decide about the needle book. I'll probably finish the thimble keep as a scissors fob.

Updated 8-21-05
about 20hours

This is the front and back of the scissors sheath. Now I just need to assemble it.

Updated 3-2-05
21 hours (not including edging)

The stitching and edging on the basket band are now done. These four pieces are really all one strip. I need to block it and attach ribbon so it can be tied onto the basket.