Winter Garden Gate

Author: Rae Iverson
Copyright 1999, Moss Creek Designs

Started: July, 2005
Completed: December, 2005
Hours: about 50
Materials: Anchor floss, overdyed cotton, gold metallic and Cashel linen
Stitches: one-over-one, Assisi, Belgian Cross, Danish knot, Leaf Stitch, Lace Wheel, Linked Steps, Pavilion Stitch, Satin Stitch, Scallop Stitch

I did this piece over six months with three friends as a stitch along. The Assisi deer were originally backstitched, but after doing one of them, I decided I liked them better without the backstitching. Ripping out one-over-one backstitching is a major pain!! Also, I had to modify my design because I did not stitch enough border repeats. The tree should be one row of leaf stitches taller, with more space above and below the deer. I'm off by one thread somewhere, too, but I bet you can't find it. :)