Three Penny Fob

Author: Indigo Rose
Copyright, Catherine Strickler

Started/Completed: March, 2004
Hours: about 2 for the stitching...about 6 for the embellishment and finishing
Materials: Anchor Pastelles and Mill Hill beads on congress cloth for stitching; Delica and seed beads for the beaded bead; DMC floss, Delicas, seed beads and Miracle beads for the tassel and twisted cord
Stitches: plaited double cross stitch, peyote

Yes, the stitching only took about two hours (in the car, no less), and I managed to stretch it out into an 8-hour project. :) After I applied the cord, I realized I wanted to add a bigger tassel and had no huge bead to hide the copious ends I made one. This is my very first beaded bead, and I'm really happy with the results. It's also my first embellished tassel, although I made a start on another one before this and so knew some pitfalls to avoid. This was going to be a fob, but it may end up being an ornament. I wish I could get a better picture of this!! Oh, yes, and it's called a "Three Penny Fob" because that is what is used to weight it...three pennies (which were included in the kit, LOL!) Luckily, on the trip we were taking, I got a shiny new 2004 penny in change. I thought it was positively providential, since I usually don't see "new" pennies for the year until July!