These ornaments are on a separate page in the hopes that there will be so many of them that they would clutter up the completed works page! :)

Please click on these small pictures to see bigger ones!

Crystal Night Brooches Christmas In My Heart 1992 Merry Go Round Temari Woven Diamonds Temari
De Selby
(from Just Cross Stitch magazine)
Emie Bishop
(Cross 'n' Patch)
My own adaptation Judy Shorten
Started/Completed 1999 Started/Completed 1994 (?) Started/Completed 2001 Started/Completed 2000
Sorry this scan is so bad...I took the picture with my dinky 35mm camera. These were made as gifts for my mom and sisters...there should be one more in the picture. :) I had the hardanger completed on this one for a long time...my mom and I took a class on this at our LNS (what fun that was!) I think the XS took me longer than the hardanger! This is the ornament that I entered in the CATS 2001 ornament contest, sponsored by Kreinik. I won! :) Click on the picture for more details. I made these ornaments for my mom and four sisters for Christmas. It's really interesting to see what the same design worked four different ways can yield! Visit my Temari page by clicking the picture above!

Battenburg Ornament Eastern Star Ornament Snow Ornament Out of Africa
Alice F. Lewis Herschnerr's The Drawn Thread The Cracker Box
Started/Completed 2001 Started/Completed 2002 Started November, 2002
Completed May 22, 2003
Started September, 2003
Completed January 1, 2004
This is my first ever battenburg lace piece. I took a class at CATS and completed the ornament in class! So it only took about 2 and a half hours! Click the thumbnail above to see a lifesize version. This is made by pinning beads to a styrofoam, satin-wrapped base. This is an out-of-print design that I started to the point where I'd be able to finish it without a chart (basically, the snowman and 1/4 the border), so I could pass it on to a friend...that's why it took so long to finish. :) This is made by pinning beads to a styrofoam, satin-wrapped base. It took forever; much longer than the Eastern Star, but it is sooo sparkly!

Holiday Canvas Ornament Myrtle Beach 2004 Ornament Diana Wildflower Hearts
Suzann Miller Jennifer Aikman-Smith Herschnerr's Indigo Rose
Started October, 1999
Completed May, 2004
Started/Completed March, 2004 Started March, 2004
Completed April, 2004
Started June, 2004
Completed July, 2004
This was a class I took at ASG in 1999. I worked on this off and on for a long time, and it sat finished-but-not-assembled for a while. The picture on the right is the back. I stitched this ornament in class duirng the "Castles by the Sea" event in Myrtle Beach. It is stuffed with orts from the trip. I think this is a great idea and I plan to save my orts from the year to stuff into ornaments. This one was a real pain...the kit contents had changed since the instructions were written, and I had to search every craft store in Atlanta for gold sequin pins because I ran out! This is the ornament I stitched for a round robin where we rotated the materials around and kept the ornaments we stitched. I used Impressions instead of Wildflowers for the Rhodes hearts in the center because I happened to have the right color and it covered better. This is a freebie from Caron's site. It was finished by my friend Vicky and will be a gift for Michael's aunt and uncle. I'll restitch it later for me. :) It took about 12.5 hours.

Teddy Snow Charmer A Critter's Christmas Holly Heart "Fauxdanger" Ornament Holiday Splendor
Mill Hill The Workbasket Calico Crossroads (Linda Connors) DebBee's Designs
Started/Completed July, 2004 Started July, 2004
Completed August, 2004
Started/Completed August, 2004 Started ??, 2004/Completed October, 2005
This was soo much fun to stitch! The only "bad" part was cutting out the perforated paper...kind of hair-raising to cut so close to the stitches. But putting the beads on was so fast, since the instructions said to do it with a half cross. It took me about 7 hours. The first RR ornament I received! I redesigned this a little...the original pattern had the reindeer being "impaled" on its back by the tree. :) It took around 12 hours. I finished it as a Cube-It; click the small picture to see! This was done for a kit exchange, so I needed to stitch it up to see how much of each fiber I would need to make the kits (the participants all had the pattern already). Wow, it took me forever!! Well, 30 hours, anyway! I was really rusty on the buttonhole stitch, and I had to do the border all over for the back (click on the pic to see it). This was a CATS class piece from last year. I really enjoyed learning to work on canvas. The sparkly jewel in the center (from Pure Allure) really makes the piece. I didn't track time on this one, but I know it took less than 10 hours. It's stitched in Splendor silk, Waterlilies, Kreinik braid, and Very Velvet. All that green is three strands of Splendor; I had to use a laying tool for this one!!

Christmas Acorn Joy Needleroll Snowy Guy Gingerbread Man
Cross-Eyed Cricket Jeannette Douglas Designs Sisters and Best Friends Waxing Moon Designs
Started/Completed September, 2004 Started/Completed September, 2004 Started September, 2004/Completed October, 2004 Started/Completed October, 2004
Also done for the kit exchange. This took me about 15.5 hours. The scan does not do these unique colors justice...there are six colors of Kreinik #4 braid! This was finished by my wonderful friend Vicky...isn't it beautiful?? One more for the kit exchange. :) This is on 32-count fabric instead of the called-for 28-count because of an ordering error...not mine, LOL! It took about 6 hours, plus finishing. This was given away for an ornament exchange. Thanks to a kind member of the Teresa Wentzler BB, I finally found the nose for this cute guy! It sticks straight out from his face. You might not recognize him from the JCS 2003 ornament issue, because they had stuffed the poor little guy in a sock! He took me about 13 hours to stitch, all in Sampler Threads. He was also for the kit exchange. I was very happy to receive this ornament in the RR, as I already had the chart in my stash to do. I think he turned out so cute! He took about 6.5 hours.

Gingerbread House North Star Mandala Holiday Wreath Blackwork Tudor Ornament
?? freebie from Kreinik Amaryllis Artworks The Drawn Thread Linn Skinner
Finished October, 2004 Started/Completed January, 2005 Started/Completed February, 2005 Started June, 2000
Completed February, 2005
I had this stitched FOREVER and finally got it finished. Very cute, if I do say so myself. ;) This was given away for an ornament exchange. This was another RR ornament that was already on my list! The colors are so much prettier in person, and WAY better than the picture in the JCS ornament issue! I will probably finish it as a diamond. It took about 6.5 hours to stitch. The last RR ornament. :) This is actually just the center of the design, but I was very happy to get this one, because it is out of print. It took me 6 hours to stitch. This was a class I took at the Heart of Cross Stitch Festival in 2000. It took 7 hours.

Sampler Tree (freebie) Sapphire Star Together at Christmas Julbock Christmas Pocket
Erica Michaels for Rainbow Gallery Patricia Ann Designs Designs by Margaret Lee Moss Creek Designs
Started/Completed April, 2005 Started/Completed May, 2005 Started June, 2005/Completed July, 2005 Started/Completed August, 2005
This used a number of interesting fibers from Rainbow Gallery...Elegance, Splendor, Highlights, Cashmere (yum!), Fuzzy Stuff, Rainbow Tweed and Rainbow Linen. It was a lot of fun to stitch; if you do it, though, I suggest only one strand of the Tweed on 28-count, and make sure to ply the Cashmere into 4 plies. It was originally designed for 25-count, but the Mushroom/Gold Lugana is no longer made in 25-count. It took about 8 hours to stitch. This little gem only took about 4 and a half hours! Word of warning: the bugle beads listed in the JCS ornament issue are not the ones used to stitch the design (which is evident when you try to put them on...they're about twice as long as the ones I used!!) Just look for regular silver-lined bugle beads at a craft store. I have no idea how long this ornament took me...I was stitching part of it in a van, on the way to my cousin's wedding with my parents and three sisters, and we were constantly playing cards both ways of the 11-hour trip! I finally gave up tracking time. The Kreinik 1/16" ribbon really makes this design, and the color of the Gloriana green pine needles is just beautiful. The final ornament for the exchange for this year!! This took about 10 hours. It's based on Scandinavian Yuletime traditions. Click to see it "ornamentified" (I didn't do it as a pocket as suggested in the directions; it's backed with a rich, red velvet!)

Celtic Knot Christmas Star Joy Britty Kitty Christmas
Teresa Wentzler Just Nan Erica Michaels Designs Brittercup Designs
Started January, 2005/Completed December, 2005 Started/Completed January, 2006 Started January, 2006/Completed March, 2006 Started February, 2006/Completed March, 2006
This is a motif taken from Teresa's Celtic Knotwork Crosses. I did a similar one on someone's RR and liked it so much I had to do it again as an ornament. :) This was kitted for me by a friend in Soie d'Alger, and was a pleasure to stitch! It only took about 6 hours to stitch; not sure how long the finishing took, but not too long! This was a kit I received in an ornament exchange. It was a lot of fun to stitch, and I just love the colors! It's from the 2004 JCS Ornament Issue. The only reason this took me so "long" to complete is that I was waiting for some fibers to come in. The scan doesn't show the subtle greenish tint to the hand-dyed fabric. This is from the 2005 JCS Ornament Issue.

Christmas Ornament 2004 A Stitcher's Gathering Commemorative Ornament/Fob Gift of the Season  
Blackbird Designs Moss Creek Designs NeedlePlay Needlework Designs  
Started March, 2006/Completed April, 2006 Started October, 2000/Completed December 2005/Finished April 2006 Started/Completed September 2006  
This is from the 2004 JCS Ornament Issue. I stitched the whole blackbird before I realized that although the instructions said to stitch over two, the model was stitched over one!!! Oh, well, I still like it. :) Why did this 3-sided ornament take me so long? I think it was the fiddly buttonhole bar flowers on this one. But it looks great now that it's finally done! The tassel is two-toned; the inner skirt is the darkest blue in the Bargello. This ornament was so fun to stitch (even with the fiddly Japan gold and starting/stopping all the white/green)!! This is one for this year's exchange. When it is finished, twisted cord will be run through the satin stitches like a package ribbon.