Drawn Thread Sewing Pocket

Author: ??? (someone in my friend's EGA chapter :) )

Started: March, 2003
Completed: May, 2003
Hours: about 5
Materials: pearl cotton on 19-ct. cork linen
Stitches: hemstitching, four-sided, pulled wave, nun's stitch

I stitched this piece at a stitching weekend I did with three friends. One of them brought directions and materials for the drawn thread bit, and we had fun shopping for different fabrics to make the pocket at JoAnn's. Another friend graciously braved my rickety sewing machine and sewed all the pockets for us! It sat almost finished (I only had two sides of nun's stitch left) for a couple months while I worked on other things. It only took about 1/2 hour to finish it and sew it to the pocket.