CATS Nametag Motifs

Starting in the top left-hand corner and going roughly in rows, we have

  • a moon, stars and cloud, representing the PJ Party, which benefits Big Brothers/Big Sisters (hence the "BBBS"). Beside the "BBBS" is a jar containing pennies and dimes that people have used to cast their votes for the best pajamas! (cross stitch, backstitch, star stitch)
  • the CATS logo (cross stitch and backstitch)
  • footprints and a magnifying glass, representing the Murder Mystery Banquet (cross stitch, backstitch, eyelet)
  • a scroll frame with "practice" specialty stitches, surrounded by a dotted line with arrows around it, representing the Progressive and Sunday Samplers (cross stitch, back stitch, half cross, French knot, leaf stitch)
  • a Mastercard and shopping bag, representing the Shopping Mart (I know, the Mastercard should be melting! LOL!) (satin stitch, woven wheels, woven stitch, backstitch)
  • my adaptation of Teresa Wentzler's "Merrry Christmas Cat," owned and copyrighted by: Leisure Arts, Inc. P.O. Box 55595, Little Rock, AR 72215. All rights reserved. I flipped the cat, changed the bow color from red to purple, changed the eyes and made a few other modifications to convert the pattern to 1 over 1. (cross stitch, backstitch)
  • a "teaching frame," representing classes. The board was made by cutting threads, leaving every third one. The giant needle is made from a matchstick I carved! The stitch being demonstrated is a Queen Stitch. (satin stitch, cutting, queen stitch :)
  • "@" symbol...this means I am online.
  • blue ribbon, representing the Showcase (no, I wasn't being over-confident! :) (DMC rayon...Rhodes stitch, turkey stitch, queen stitch for the streamers)
  • comfy chair and table with cup of tea, representing the Stitchers' Lounge (satin stitch, padded satin, Rhodes, waffle, blackwork)
  • Christmas tree branch with heart-shaped ornament, representing the Christmas ornament sale benefitting Big Brothers/Big Sisters (cross-stitch, backstitch, leaf, fir)
  • a cat stitch I created (satin stitch, padded satin and sheaf stitch)
  • ball of yarn (.my own Yarn Rhodes, backstitch)
  • blackwork cat
  • triple herringbone band (herringbone)
  • My name! :) The "H" was taken from Teresa Wentzler's "Christmas Sampler," owned and copyrighted by: Leisure Arts, Inc. P.O. Box 55595, Little Rock, AR 72215. All rights reserved . I made up the lower-case letters.